1. 1) Substantial network implementation cost discounts: Our equipment prices (BTSs and terminal devices) are similar to those offered by the 1-tier vendors; yet Codium is primarily an engineering organization and a highly experienced implementer of ‘nextgen’ carrier-class broadband networks on the African continent. We can therefore offer all the appropriate warranties on the quality of our work while at the same time being much more efficient and agile in comparison with the large vendors. This permits us to offer a heavily discounted network implementation package to our customers. As a result our implementation services are usually (as testified to by customers) 40%-60% below the equivalent pricing of the large vendors.

    2) Major CAPEX and OPEX reductions due to Codium’s streamlined network architecture: Mobile WiMAX and LTE networks, as offered by the large vendors, must necessarily include very expensive and complex packet-core elements in their network architecture. Codium however has developed a unique solution, backed by over 70 successful network deployments across the globe, which can offer for most broadband applications an operational protocol that eliminates the need of a packet-core and thus brings down the CAPEX price of the network by hundreds of thousands of dollars (in some cases by millions). Furthermore it permits a day to day operational regime that is aggressively streamlined permitting our customers to reduce the cost of network operations by more than 70% and as importantly, to increase network reliability by a very substantial margin too.

    3) True network ownership – the main disadvantage of the “managed services” model of the large vendors: Due to the complexity of operating Mobile WiMAX and LTE network architectures the 1st tier vendors that sell into Africa have found that the best way of ensuring reliable operation is by taking control of the day to day management of the operator’s technical infrastructure. In Africa this has now become a major issue because too often it results in the network operator feeling disenfranchised. In spite of all the money and effort pumped into the new network by the operator’s shareholders and Management it seems as if all important decision-making at all levels of management has now been transferred into the hands of the equipment vendor. Codium’s streamlined, low-complexity network architecture and implementation protocol allows for the transfer of operations to the customer exactly when they feel ready for it; from then on Codium supplies excellent support services at all levels but only if this is requested by our customers and on an ‘as needed’ basis.

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