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  1. Codium TETRAGEN was the first independent European integrator in designing and deploying pre-Mobile WiMAX networks (with technology from Navini Networks - acquired by CISCO in 2007).

    Navini technology constituted, without any doubt, the first and best pre-Mobile WiMAX solution in the world, working in both licensed bands (2.3; 2.5-2.6; 3.5 GHz) and unlicensed bands (2.4 GHz), offering some technologically key (and unique) characteristics at the time: Beam-Forming, MIMO, Adaptive Modulation, Close Loop Power Control, true plug-and-play ‘zero-install’ CPEs, etc. All these characteristics put together revolutionised the BWA field by offering true NLOS RF coverage with plug and play terminal devices for the first time in history.

    Codium TETRAGEN is one of the world leaders in the number of deployed networks using CISCO / Navini technology, with presence in 10 countries, and we continue offering expert services/advice for said CISCO / Navini networks:

    • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the Network and Elements Management System
    • Power-up, commissioning, configuration and optimization of Base Stations and CPEs
    • Network Audit for already deployed networks
    • Local and remote Expert Technical Support

    At present Codium is the Channel Partner of Motorola, in terms of sales the no.1Mobile WiMAX vendor in the world. In partnership with Motorola and other vendors also Codium TETRAGEN offers the following network and system integration services:

    Network Deployment

    Codium TETRAGEN carries out network deployments, both partial and complete (turn-key projects), including all required field tasks: site-survey, site conditioning, supervision of civil work, installation, integration and commissioning of radio access and backhaul and IP transmission devices. We can also perform the deployment of the Core Network, as well as the implementation of the necessary services and procedures for the Networks Operation and Maintenance System (NOC/OSS/AAA, etc.).

    Network Optimization

    In Codium we know that a non-optimized broadband wireless network cannot support a suitable level of service quality nor can it maximise ROI for the operator. Networks need to be continuously ‘fine-tuned’ to offer the best service at the least possible cost. Codium helps operators to anticipate problems before they happen, analyzing the network performance and proposing preventive actions that will minimize both capex and opex. In achieving this Codium’s methodology is to agree with the customer all measurable objectives of the optimization process in terms of quality, capacity and costs. The optimization service included network audits, quality of service (QoS) analysis, optimization of the transmission (backhaul) network, optimization of the radio network, field measurements (drive-tests) and operational tests of the service applications and terminal devices.

  2. Drive Tests Field

    Tests Measurement (drive-test) and processing of results in order to generate true coverage maps and / or to analyze specific performance problems in certain areas.

  3. Network Audit

    Codium carries out a network costs and services analysis in order to identify areas where an efficiency improvement can be achieved.

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