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  1. Codium TETRAGEN offers expert technical consulting services such as:

    Network Design

    Codium has deployed 15 plus next-generation broadband wireless networks in the world and has the experience and expertise to undertake the detailed task of designing a new network. In the last 5 years Codium has repeatedly fine-tuned its practices to optimise wireless broadband network designs, thus saving money for its clients and offering a higher service quality.

    Our engineers have years of experience in field deployments with most wireless technologies. Codium’s Engineering Services Department can offer complete, fast and efficient network design services:

    • Network Architecture Design

    • Radio Access and Backhaul Transmission Planning. Radio planning is the process of defining the desired coverage area, fixing the location of the base stations to provide the required service with certain quality standards. The ultimate objective of radio planning should be:

    To satisfy radio coverage parameters while minimizing network capex and opex
    To make the most efficient use (and reuse) of the available radio spectrum while keeping Rf interference under control

    In general, our radio planning work is normally divided into the following stages:

    • RF System Engineering, including:

    Field inspection to identify coverage targets and to locate potential sites.

    Site-survey and site certification, according to the coverage requirements. These tasks include the use of digital terrain maps (DTM) for the coverage simulation, in accordance with radio-propagation mathematical models; and later cross-checks through drive-tests once the base-stations are ready for service.

    • Detail System Engineering

    Diagrams for location of equipments and peripheral devices within the site o Schematics of RF cable, power and other network cable runs, etc. o Design of ground connections and additional site-protection measures.

    Engineering diagrams for civil work.

    • Frequency Planning

    Spectrum Management

    Codium’s Engineering Services Unit possesses decades of experience in Spectrum Management. We understand the sometimes complex radio spectrum requirements of a broadband wireless deployment and we can support the network operator in satisfying them swiftly and efficiently. For instance, our successful efforts in helping our clients obtain the necessary radio spectrum to carry out a network deployment are well known.

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