HE WiMAX indoor terminal device


This high-end plug & play unit gives you up to 20mbs of throughput for your office or home. It is WiMAX Wave-2 compliant and was designed to cover all your networking needs whether through a wireless or a wired connection. It has 2 Ethernet Ports, 2 RJ11 ports (VoIP) and a high performance WiFi 802.11n router offering you maximum flexibility in its installation and use.

With an eye-catching design and its blistering performance the HE-indoor is possibly the best value-for-money indoor WiMAX modem available in the market today .





MT WiMAX indoor terminal device.

The MT WiMAX indoor modem is an excellent work-horse for both residential and enterprise users. This robust and extremely reliable CPE is provided with strong VoIP QoS capabilities  and a design offering excellent RF performance; in spite of its excellent specs. it is still one of the most cost-effective indoor units in the market.






Keep yourself connected any time anywhere. This very reliable WiMAX Wave-2 compliant USB is provided with the most advanced techniques in maximizing signal strength, and with Its light-weight and compact design combined with its low cost you are not likely to ever go wrong.




PATCH WiMAX USB Terminal Device


This unique WiMAX USB High-Gain Modem is a new concept in portability. It supports both fixed/nomadic and even mobile uses yet its high-gain integrated ‘patch’-antenna and its advanced features provide the Patch-USB with outstanding performance, something that is quite unusual for USB devices. This terminal device is provided with a suction-cup and a USB cable extension to permit window-pane installation.




ODU-WiMAX outdoor modem

Offering advanced antenna transmission techniques such as MIMO the ODU extends broadband coverage to the most remote regions. High-end specs and a rugged design offer excellent performance under the most challenging conditions.




MI-FI WiMAX Pocket Modem

This funky pocket modem or ‘Mi-Fi’ empowers users to take the Internet with them wherever they go and share it with their colleagues, friends and family! The device is a high-quality dual-radio design that connects to the operator’s network via WiMAX and then distributes the signal to friendly users via Wi-Fi. This is the product that is sweeping through the younger generations of user across the US and other advanced markets.