"We pledge to provide you with the best value-for-money equipment and services for your Mobile WiMAX network.” – Kiriako Vergos, CEO of Codium.

If you need to work with someone with world-beating expertise and years of experience in designing and implementing Mobile WiMAX networks, who is not a manufacturer of any specific solution but rather someone who will select for you, based on their unique know-how, the optimum solution for your needs; and who will be able to successfully integrate ‘best-of-breed’ Base Stations with ASN-Gateways and with terminal devices from different vendors to thus maximize the economics and performance of your network, than you have come to the right place!

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Mobile WiMAX Terminal Devices
1. First-in-class Mobile WiMAX CPEs. Interoperable with most WiMAX vendors.

Mobile WiMAX base-station
2. The best value for money solution in the market today: low-cost yet blisteringly high performance.

Point to Point
3. Wide range of Point-to-Point products in licensed and un-licensed bands to satisfy the customer needs.

4. Provide your network advanced features and services with an ASN-GW that is compatible with most makes of base-station.

Network Design
Codium has deployed 15 plus next-generation broadband wireless...

Spectrum Management
Codium's Engineering Services Unit possesses decades of experience...
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