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Espoo, Finland / Madrid, Spain - 07/03/2012

CN TETRAGEN, a privately held Spanish technology holding, has acquired Nokia Siemens Networks’ proprietary, fixed-wireless broadband business, Expedience*. Under the terms of the transaction, CN TETRAGEN acquired the complete Expedience portfolio, assets, and the active customer and supplier contracts. The Expedience business is not part of Nokia Siemens Networks’ mobile broadband portfolio based on widely adopted industry standards.

CN TETRAGEN has in-depth knowledge of the Expedience portfolio and recognizes an opportunity to provide outstanding products and services to the operators who have invested in the technology. CN TETRAGEN has set up a company called Nexpedience Networks to operate the Expedience assets.

“With this acquisition, we are in a good position to ensure continuity for the manufacturing of the Expedience technology while developing a solid roadmap for its future. We are extremely committed to achieving this,” said Kiriako Vergos, Chairman and CEO of CN TETRAGEN.

“We believe our customers will benefit from the greater focus, scale and concentration on Expedience that CN TETRAGEN can offer,” said Stephan Scholz, head of divestment projects for Network Systems, Nokia Siemens Networks. “The divestment is part of Nokia Siemens Networks new strategy where we’ll focus on mobile broadband and services.”

About Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia Siemens Networks is the world’s specialist in mobile broadband. From the first ever call on GSM, to the first call on LTE, we operate at the forefront of each generation of mobile technology. Our global experts invent the new capabilities our customers need in their networks. We provide the world’s most efficient mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize the value of those networks, and the services to make it all work seamlessly.

With headquarters in Espoo, Finland, we operate in over 150 countries and had net sales of over 14 billion euros in 2011.


CN TETRAGEN has been active in the field of ‘NextGen’ BWA technologies since 2004. The company’s headquarters are in Madrid, SPAIN.

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*Nokia Siemens Networks acquired the Expedience portfolio as part of its acquisition of certain Motorola Solutions networks assets that closed in April 2011. Expedience is a proprietary wireless broadband platform with system components that include residential subscriber units, mobile subscriber units, outdoor subscriber units, base stations and network management technology. It is available in 2.5, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.7 GHz licensed frequency bands. To date more than 15,000 base stations and 700,000 CPEs have been sold worldwide.

Madrid, SPAIN. - 01/02/2012

“With ‘Terminal-Express’ Codium offers to supply international Mobile WiMAX operators with top quality terminal devices, be they indoor/outdoor CPEs, or USB dongles, at market-beating prices, with interoperability guarantees and with minimum delivery times” said Kiriako Vergos, Chairman and CEO of Codium.

Breaking away from the tyranny of single vendor CPE supply for your Mobile WiMAX network:

For a long time now Mobile WiMAX operators have suffered from the monopoly of supply of terminal devices as enforced by their base-station vendors. Up to quite recently If, let’s say, operator ‘X’ decided to roll-out a base station network supplied by manufacturer ‘Y’ than he had to purchase CPEs from the same vendor whether he liked it or not. Is not Mobile WiMAX an open architecture technology that permits all network equipment to interoperate, thus permitting the purchase of terminals from different vendors irrespective of whose base stations populate the network?

In theory the answer is yes, in practice it has all too often been a resounding NO. Base station manufacturers have not wanted to let go of the terminal device revenue opportunity so easily and have, on many an occasion, made it very difficult for CPEs from other vendors to connect to base stations of their manufacture. Any experienced Mobile WiMAX engineer knows that interoperability between different network equipment is not assured just because the equipment at hand, be it base stations, or CPEs, happens to be WiMAX Forum or IEEE 802.16e certified.

In any operational Mobile WiMAX network there are many additional transmission parameters in place, above and beyond those that are part of the certification layers, meaning that every network element must be specifically run through local IOTs (interoperability testing) to be able to function properly within the network. Such IOTs must be coordinated and approved by the manufacturer who has supplied the base stations to the local operator, so it is this bottleneck that many base station vendors take advantage of to convince the local operator that no other terminal devices but their own will enjoy the guarantee of a flawless operation on the network. In some cases manufacturer ‘Y’ does finally accept a short list of “homologated” terminals that he guarantees will function smoothly with their base stations but as it so happens these ‘third party’ terminals are not necessarily the most attractive on the market…

Codium now offers the definitive solution to this problematic situation by offering customers a strong range of Mobile WiMAX CPEs from the very best third-party vendors in the world and at very low prices. Furthermore because Codium maintains significant stock-levels the delivery of units can be immediate.

So even if operator X is perfectly satisfied with their existing CPE supplier yet unfortunately finds himself with unexpectedly high demand from his subscribers; his own stock of CPEs running out and with no immediate possibility to replenish it because his CPE vendor works on rather long shipping lead times, all he needs to do is call Codium for an immediate quote, backed by our own money-back interoperability guarantee.

Madrid, SPAIN - 08/04/2011

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Today Codium has announced the publication of a unique report on the much awaited 4G spectrum auction about to take place in Spain. "...this new spectrum that is about to be allocated will have a very significant impact on the Spanish economy and for the first time in many years will offer a new opportunity for investors to enter the lucrative mobile services field, more specifically the very exciting 4G services segment, reaping potentially massive returns..." said Kiriako Vergos, CEO of Codium.

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