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Q.: What style of houses do you design?
A.: We fall into line with what the client requires, and for this reason do not impose any design but rather attempt to interpret the requirements and preferences of our clients.

Q.: That means if I want a Mediterranean or a classical or cubist style home you accept this?
A.: Of course, our task is to bring to reality a space for living in such a way that it becomes the space where you feel most comfortable.

Q.: What do you take into consideration on designing a house?
A.: The most important thing is to consider the person who will be living in it, their likes and dislikes, life style and the way in which they live at home, without forgetting the condition of the plot whether it is flat or on an incline, the landscape, etc.

Q.: What is the best criterion for selecting a plot of land?
A.: One should not look too closely at the actual price but, at how much money are we going to have to invest in it to bring it into line with our requirements. The ideal of course is a flat piece of land, where we can enjoy all its surface area with a minimum of investment. In the event that the land is on an incline, it is better that it faces upwards rather than downwards as this makes material handling much easier.

Q.: If my plot of land is on a downwards slope, why are the building costs more expensive?
A.: Due to the fact that all materials have to be handled with a large crane, levelling off the land is more expensive, land fill has to be used to create access ramps which later have to be removed, and containing walls have to be built in order to create terraces that provide some level areas.

Q.: Do you only draw up the project or can you also look after the whole building process?
A.: Of course, Montgros Arquitectura I Urbanism offers you the possibility of being released from all the hassle of having to get quotations, contracting constructors, purchasing materials and making the corresponding payments. We take this over for you without any additional cost.

Q.: Are the construction costs fixed and closed or will they undergo any variations?
A.: The price is a closed price, except for the foundations and levelling of the home.

Q.: What do the prices you have given us include?
A.: All these prices are for construction of the finished home.

Q.: What is not included in the prices you have given us?
A.: What must be added to the prices we have given are: project and works supervision and management by the Architect and Quantity Surveyor, the cost of the land, excavation, boundary walls and VAT (7%).

Q.: When you build what quality materials do you use?
A.: For the structure, installations, windows and insulation the maximum possible quality as specified in the CE rulings that are common to all buildings. In finishes we draw up a technical report which includes specification for qualities, brands and models at a very good average level.

Q.: Is it possible for me to change a material or quality?
A.: Naturally, we deliver the technical report on qualities to you, a very detailed study of all measurements and labour required for building your home correctly. In the event that you want to change anything we will indicate the increase or decrease in cost well in advance.

Q.: How long will it take for my home to be finished?
A.: This all depends on the size and materials to be used, but in general anything from 6 months to a year.

Q.: What guarantees do I have on the quality of the building?
A.: By law you are covered by the following guarantee periods: 1 year for finishes, 2 years for installations and living quality and 10 years for the structure.

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