Mobile WiMAX base-station

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Codium offers a 4G RAN solution based on Mobile WiMAX Profile C (Air interface and radio to ASN Gateway interface are standard compliant) giving the operator the possibility of selecting CPEs and ASN Gateways from multiple vendors.

Although the solution is designed to support large mobile deployments the base stations can also be configured in “stand alone” mode (without an ASN Gateway) offering a simpler and more cost-effective solution to operators interested initially in low-cost fixed or nomadic configurations. Core network equipment (ASN Gateway, etc.) can be deployed at any time in the future that the customer requires it.

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture allows operators to upgrade their networks by means of remote software updates. As new features and functionality become available, operators are assured of long term investment protection.

The compact Mobile WiMAX base stations come in a fully integrated, small, elegant, yet rugged package. They are designed to be deployed outdoors without the need for a ‘shelter’ or “rack-room” and can be easily mounted on utility poles, walls, rooftops or cell towers.

Each base-station can manage up to 200 active sessions and maintain over 1000 idle-mode users.

The system allows the configuration of 16 different service flows per user, allowing QoS over the air and therefore, the provision of a variety of services from ‘real-time’ to ‘best-effort’.

Depending on the scenario where the system will be installed it might be better to employ beamfroming or simpler MIMO transmission model as indicated below:

• Beamforming 6x6

• MIMO 2x2

If you want to receive more information on technical characteristics or pricing please send us an e-mail at: