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The ASN Gateway complies with WiMAX Forum Network Working Group (NWG) specifications and international standards such as IETF and IEEE.

It serves as a key component for fixed, nomadic and mobile subscriber access gateway in IEEE 802.16e WiMAX networks. The ASN Gateway is placed at the edge of the Access Service Network (ASN) and at the other end connects to the Core Service Network (CSN).

The ASN Gateway assists with subscriber management, service flow management, traffic-shaping, mobility management and data forwarding.

The ASN Gateway supports fixed, nomadic and mobile subscriber management including subscriber authentication, IP address assignment and accounting. It serves as the extensible authentication protocol EAP authenticator for WiMAX station subscriber (SS) connections interacting with the designated AAA servers. The ASN Gateway also supports Dynamic Host Connection Protocol (DHCP) relay or DHCP proxy for assisting with address assignment - leveraging local address pools, a Home Agent or a DHCP server.

The ASN Gateway also creates and manages service flows for subscribers based on pre-defined QoS profiles and DPI. The ASN Gateway also tracks network usage and provides accounting updates to the AAA server for billing purposes.

The ASN Gateway provides IP mobility for WiMAX subscriber stations by acting as Proxy Mobile IP (PMIP) client and as foreign agent (FA). It assists both ASN and CSN anchored handovers with appropriate handover processing.