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We strive to provide our clients with the best “carrier-grade” Broadband Wireless network solution for any given market environment. Naturally, every client has different goals and different needs, so our solutions are always tailor-made to match them.

We provide solutions, not just technology. The difference is that our solutions work in real-world situations, and clients are able to make money with them; strangely not a formula much employed in this field up to now.

We provide turn-key value-added solutions, not just boxes. We help our clients cover all their project needs, thus better serving them vis-à-vis their ultimate business goals. We partner with our clients and give them a solution that works. We never quite ‘disengage’ from our clients, we accompany them throughout their start-up, growth and consolidation phases of the project.

We have a team that is professional, honest and transparent. We are honest about risks and shortcomings of the solutions, and are willing to share those risks. We hone our skills every day to be able to provide our clients with the latest and most updated examples, experiences, thinking and information in this space.

We will never propose a solution to our clients before we have first tested/operated it ourselves and we can thus personally vouchsafe for its performance irrespective of the manufacturer’s claims.

Network Design
Codium has deployed 15 plus next-generation broadband wireless...

Spectrum Management
Codium's Engineering Services Unit possesses decades of experience...
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