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“Codium TETRAGEN strives to be the leading Mobile WiMAX-driven, independent system integrator in the Southern EMEA region. Codium’s mission is to provide profitable, turn-key WiMAX solutions to Telco’s, ISPs and others demanding a carrier-grade Broadband Wireless Access solution. This may sound simple, but given that the vast majority of BWA roll-outs undertaken so far have not been profitable one can better understand why this is such a major challenge and why Codium is uniquely positioned to provide what is needed. ”

Codium is a company based in Spain serving clients all along the Mediterranean rim, and the Southern EMEA region. Codium is the strategic channel partner of Motorola, the leading manufacturer of BWA and Mobile WiMAX systems.

Our services cover the full value chain of fixed wireless operators from the conception and definition of the business strategy, facilitating the funding process, technology selection, BWA network roll-out, and support in the commercial and operational management of a new deployment. Codium will also, if needed, provide back-office systems, including OSS platforms with next generation bandwidth management tools so critical to the profitable operation of today’s IP networks.

We typically serve clients that seek to use ‘disruptive’ technologies to serve their customer base, thus gaining the competitive edge on the more risk-averse larger service providers. Our clients range from Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP), be they regional, national or multinational; traditional fixed or mobile telephone operators, and ‘Collective Telecoms Infrastructure’ managers such as municipalities, large-scale property-developers, etc.

Our BWA solutions provide ubiquitous broadband wireless connectivity to all profiles and number of end-user, all with varied needs in terms of bandwidth, QoS and SLAs. Our solutions support both data and voice network applications.

We offer ISPs, alternative telcos and other telecoms service provider’s the only profitable alternative to DSL & cable.

Codium’s solution answers the challenges of new broadband market requirements by providing a scalable, wide-area wireless broadband access network that requires zero installation at the end-user site and offers true non-line-of-sight operation, with the added benefit of nomadic/mobile capabilities. Furthermore, Codium provides telecommunications carriers with the lowest total cost of ownership - up to 50 percent lower than DSL and cable, and up to 70 percent lower than fixed wireless technologies. Codium is the only company in its marketplace to provide all of these benefits to the service provider and end-user, and couples these advantages with true broadband data rates and ease of use.
Codium’s value proposition consists of the following benefits:

• Zero-install subscriber unit (CPE)
• True Non-line-of-sight network capability
• Mobile/Personal broadband service offering
• Fastest ROI

Additionally we offer:

• Turn-key & headache-free project execution
• Highly differentiating RF expertise so critical to a high-quality and robust BWA network
• Substantial IP-layer network optimization tools and skills “in markets that are underserved by DSL or cable our solution becomes truly unbeatable.”

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