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was born 8 years ago through the vision of a senior team of telecom executives and engineers with several decades of experience in the roll-out and operation of large-scale public networks.

Our objective:

The ‘democratization’ of the Mobile Broadband revolution.

Technologies are now finally available that are bringing about the latest and most incredible of all telecommunication revolutions; that of true mobile broadband service.

Unfortunately the adoption of these technologies (HSPDA/HSPUA/HSPA+) is limited to the usual oligopoly of incumbent cellular operators and is thus largely out of bounds, both economically and operationally, for the majority of would be alternative mobile service providers,  be they:

  • Small GSM/CDMA operators looking for a low-cost/high performance entry into the next generation of cellular network architectures so as succesfully compete with the larger operators taking the 3G route, or even.
  • MVNOs who realize that the only way forward towards a truly profitable business case is by owning their own low-cost and traffic efficient infrastructure.
  • Fixed line operators and ISPs looking to enter the mobile arena as a way to bolster their somewhat stagnating business model.

  “How can these players access the Mobile Broadband revolution?”
The answer is by leveraging Mobile WiMAX technology. This is so because Mobile WIMAX is a solution conceived and developed with exactly this problem in mind, that is how to increase capacity in a cellular network by several orders of magnitude and yet to do so at a very low-cost, so that a non-dominant player can not only compete but perhaps even overhaul the larger and more conventional 3G network operators by deploying a technology that is not only more economical but also happens to offer significant mobile broadband performance improvements.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, you only need to take a look at the 100+ Mobile WiMAX network roll-outs that are currently taking place around the world to realize that this is no longer a pipe-dream but rather an absolute reality.

Taking advantage of its pioneering work with next generation broadband wireless transmission technology, Codium Tetragen has developed a unique range of end-to-end solutions to cover all the mobile broadband access needs of its customers.

Decades of experience in the design, roll-out, operation and maintenance of carrier-class communication networks allows us to offer to our clients (including system integrators, telecommunication and IT solution providers) fully operational ‘IP-driven’ mobile broadband access networks that allow them to immediately focus on the most important area of their business, i.e. to increase their market share in the most profitable manner.

The fixed broadband access opportunity

Of course one of the great advantages of mobile broadband technology is that it does not have to be mobile! Investing only in single network infrastructure the operator can offer both mobile and fixed broadband service. For markets in the developing world this new possibility offers immense opportunities and Codium is here to help you tap into them with the most low-risk and low-cost option.

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