The ASN Gateway provides a rich set of features, including:

• High Capacity and Scalability: In addition to high data switching capacity, it also supports millions of subscriber sessions and advanced processing per subscriber at line rate.

• Mobility - The ASN Gateway provides the Foreign Agent function for Mobile IP in accordance with IETF and WiMAX Forum NWG specifications.

• IP Routing - The solution supports Static routing, RIP and OSPF. In addition, supports GRE and IP in IP tunneling, and Equal Cost Multi Path (ECMP).

• Subscriber Management - The ASN Gateway supports comprehensive services per subscriber, including IP address assignment, authentication support and advanced accounting.

• Quality of Service  - The ASN Gateway has extensive QoS and packet processing capabilities to identify and manage traffic on a per subscriber, per flow and per application basis

• Advanced Content Management (traffic-shaping) with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) – The ASN Gateway’s hardware-based deep packet inspection capability allows operator’s to set policies to identify and manage peer-to-peer traffic or other specified traffic, ensuring optimal performance of the network for all subscribers.

• Accounting

• Carrier grade - The ASN Gateway is designed for maximum hardware and software reliability.

• Management - The ASN Gateway supports Command Line Interface (CLI), Secure Shell (SSH) and local login through the console port or Ethernet port.

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